Bukoto East MP turned away

Dr. Twaha Kagabaretu, the Bukoto East MP, attached to the  National Unity Platform (NUP) has refunded a sum of UGX40 million, reportedly dished out by Parliament in June, 2022.

According to the NUP party, the said money was distributed to selected legislators in the 11th Parliament as a token of thanks for passing a supplementary budget.

On 11th June 2022, the NUP alleged that their MPs were secretly called to the residence of the Speaker Anita Among and handed hard cash of UGX40 million each.

The Party’s leadership through their President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, gave the legislators two days to return the cash bonanza. However, majority MPs remained tight-lipped and refused to honour the party’s directive.

In a public show of integrity, the Bukoto East MP Dr. Twaha has decided to return the money on 9th August 2022.

On Tuesday morning, Twaha visited the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon Mathias Mpuuga, to return the said money.

Bukoto East MP turned away

Clad in a navy blue suit, the MP was guided to the LOP’s office by the Shadow ICT Minister Joyce Bagala. He carried a black briefcase reportedly containing the said cash.

However, Mpuuga directed Twaha to instead refund the money where he got it from.

Since the cash bonanza allegations spread, Parliament has distanced itself from the activity.

In a statement dated 15th June and released by the Director Public Relations at Parliament Chris Obore, he accused the NUP of preying on a hard built image and using the wrong procedures to address the allegations.

Obore trashed the reports that UGX40m cash handouts were given to MPs under unclear circumstances.

Obore challenged the opposition party to opt for the right channels to address the matter instead of running to allege baseless information to the media. 

“If indeed there has been such payment to MPs outside the known procedure as the NUP claims, couldn’t it have been right for the party to interest the accountability committees chaired by its members in the matter with evidence for action,” he said in June, responding to NUP allegations.