Unilever Uganda has made a Shs10m donation towards this year’s Rotary Cancer Run.

The contribution was announced during a press conference at the Unilever Offices in Kampala.

According to Unilever Uganda Country Lead Mrs Joanita Menya Mukasa, “Cancer is a scourge that has affected every family in the country, directly or indirectly. Unilever is honoured to join the Rotary fraternity in Uganda in the battle against cancer”.

Emmy Mwesigwa the Rotary Cancer Run Organizing Chairperson in Uganda recounted the achievements of the run and the vision for the future, “a 36-bed cancer treatment centre worth Shs1.5bn has been operational at Nsambya Hospital for three years now.  In May this year, we commenced construction of Bunkers, which will house the modern cancer screening and treatment machines; the Linear Accelerators (LINAC). The total cost is estimated to be over Shs13.5bn. From 2016 to 2021 we have raised Shs2.3bn which is available in the bank, and we are aiming to raise Shs11.2bn to complete the construction of the Bunkers and that is the reason we are running”.

“Unilever Uganda’s mission is to create a better life for all Ugandans by adding vitality to the lives of the consumers we serve. Our brands like Royco, Pepsodent, Omo and Geisha are used in homes across the country. It is an honour for us to support causes that aim to better the lives of our customers.” Unilever Uganda’s Head of Marketing Wangechi Gitahi said.

In Uganda, over 2,100 people die every year due to Cancer, while that number could be brought down, there is a significant lack of equipment for treatment in country.

The run is an annual event organized since 2012 by Rotarians to bridge the gap in the fight against the cancer scourge by building a one stop cancer screening and treatment centre at Nsambya Hospital, Kampala.

The total cost of constructing these will cost over Shs 13.5bn. From 2016 to 2021, Shs 2.3bn has been raised.

Registration for the Rotary Cancer Run 2022 has already started at all Centenary Bank Branches in Kampala, Rotary Cancer Programme Uganda Offices in Muyenga (Zimwe Road), Uganda Rotary office on 9th Floor NIC Building and Capital Shoppers outlets, at only Shs 25,000.

This year’s run will take place on Sunday 4th September, 2022 at the Kololo Airstrip in Kampala.