Marcel Domniano Adunya, the former Headteacher of Vikings High School in Kalaki district is in police custody in Soroti city for allegedly sodomising students.

He was picked up on Monday afternoon after being found with four students at his home in Kengere Ward in Soroti City.  It is alleged that Adunya has been making advances and sodomising a number of students from Vikings High School, something that led to his expulsion in June 2022.

However, after the termination of his contract, Adunya reportedly continued engaging students of the school in unlawful sexual acts. His luck ran out when the parents of some students sought the whereabouts of their children who had reported back to school for the holiday programme.

The parents started tracing for the missing students until Monday when they found them at Adunya’s home. During his arrest, Adunya reportedly claimed that the four students were part of his class for the holiday programme. Some of the students told Journalists that Adunya trailed them from school to their villages while making advances for the unlawful sexual act.  

They claimed that Adunya would promise to pay their fees up to the university, and buy them fancy phones and gifts to lure them into giving in to his advances. The students, whose identities have been concealed for their own safety, said that Adunya would use his office, washrooms, or his car to sodomise students at school.

A Boda boda cyclist in Soroti City told Journalists that Adunya cornered him one night when he rode with him to his house. The cyclist, whose name has been withheld to protect his family, says that the renowned academician lured him inside his house around midnight and attempted to assault him sexually in vain.

Charles Ewou, a security guard at Vikings High School, says that Adunya hated girls and any boy who resisted his advances. He notes that the head teacher would stay at school past 11:00 pm and preferred operating in his car. According to Ewou, most of the students and teachers who resisted and attempted to report Adunya to the authorities were either suspended or chased away from the school. 

Abel Opolot, the Director of Vikings High School, says that he terminated Adunya’s contract with the school in June 2022 after receiving complaints from parents and students about his alleged involvement in sodomy. Opolot says that while Adunya had a record of sodomising male students, his case was not taken to court.

Adunya first worked with Jerressar High School before joining Halcyon High School. However, his image has been tainted with similar allegations in all the other schools he has taught at in Soroti.

Oscar Gregg Ageca, the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson, said that they are investigating the allegations against Adunya. He explained that the boys found at Adunya’s home were subjected to a medical examination before the matter is taken to court.