Victor Yo hunts again, below is what he got for you…

Our second edition of the ‘Nyamuga Queen’ features the ‘Kabasto Queen’ Kisitu Kirabo, a half-caste of Ugandan and Rwandan descent.

The self-contained social media belle is without a doubt, a rare breed, one of the very few naturally endowed babes Bazzinyi would surely wish to meet before they meet the creator!

Kirabo is indeed a ‘gift’ like her name! Her massive assets will give you wild thoughts and perhaps leave you thinking about Radio & Weasel’s ‘Juicy Juicy’ jam.

Her cute face with ‘enyindo endalo’, full lips, round boobs and hourglass figure will surely make you wish to take a ride with her at 3:00am.

According to her pals, Kirabo likes swimming and hitting the gym. Checkout her physique!

You can check her out via her Instagram account @kisitu_kirabo and feed your eyes.

Take a gaze at her photos;