The Uganda Waragi Nyege Nyege happened from 15th to 18th September at Itanda Falls in Jinja.

Because Bell Lager was part of the party, it was dubbed the ‘Mpola Mpola Nyege Vibes’.

The Bell experience was nestled between the main stage and the food court. It entailed a comfortable seating area, a fireplace, karaoke sessions, and exciting group games for groups of friends to indulge in as they took a break from the rest of the festival’s excitement.

But the most outstanding event at the Bell Lager stage was the Karaoke sessions that brought out the hidden talents of revelers that had never been seen before.

Hosted by Vince Musisi, a host from the previous Nyege Nyege Festival, it lived up to the expectations as winners were gifted Bell Lager goodies.

Familiar faces like Swangz Avenue’s Benon Mugumbya, and Leone Island’s Genius Levy also took part in the Karaoke sessions as revelers enjoyed their Bell Lagers that were sold at just UGX 3,500.

Take a look at the photos from the Karaoke Sessions.