Teso rallied

President Yoweri Museveni has strongly reiterated his call to leaders in Teso sub-region in particular and Uganda in general to carry out massive mobilization of the population on programs designed by the central government and monitor their implementation for the eradication of poverty.

President Museveni urged: “The mandate of the zonal ministries is to mobilize, the masses to implement programs already designed by the central government, to monitor what is being done and to plan for the sub-regions.”

President Museveni called for unity among Teso leaders who paid him a visit Thursday afternoon at State House in Entebbe (PPU Photo)

The President made the remarks Thursday afternoon while meeting with a delegation of leaders from Teso sub region led by the Minister of Teso Affairs Dr. Ogalo Obote at State House Entebbe.

Museveni and his guests discussed a wide range of issues related to the development of Teso.

The President however urged leaders to act as super mobilisers in the region in implementation of governments programs like the Parish Development Model that will get people out of poverty.

He also reminded leaders of the economic activities that can be embraced by wanainchi with small land holdings that include among others crops of high value such as coffee, fruits and also dairy cattle for milk and especially fish farming.

Museveni reminded Teso leaders of the economic activities that can be embraced by wanainchi with small land holdings (PPU Photo)

He said: “What I really want is fish farming for the people of Teso. There is big demand for fish in the whole world.” 

Commenting on some of the concerns raised by members of the delegation Museveni assured them of governments commitment to construct more cassava processing plants in the country.

“Cassava flour is needed in pharmaceuticals for the making of drugs instead of relying on expensive imported cassava flour. Ethanol can also be got from cassava,” he said.

On Universal Primary Education, the President urged political leaders to support government in enforcing the program that was started in 1996 targeting the children of the poor.

Earlier, the Minister for Teso Affairs Dr. Ogalo Obote appraised the President on the achievements registered by his ministry in Teso and together with members of the delegation appreciated President Museveni for government development programs in the sub-region.