We have the beautiful and photogenic Pam Malaika, so fresh, young, wild, free and bubbly, serving you hot looks!

Malaika is a TV star, who has been gracing your screens for some time now.

She kick-started her TV career at STV where she spent a couple of months before joining NTV T-nation, replacing Crysto Panda who had apparently outgrown the audience.

Take a gaze at her hot looks, you will agree with us that indeed she ain’t on the screen by mistake.

Her style and fashion sense is always on point. Should we talk about her derrière too? Or do we lavish praise on skin colour complexion? In a nutshell, Pam is an Angel which might have escaped from the heavens… She wasn’t named Malaika by mistake!

Her close pals say she likes traveling, listening to music, watching TV and of course, posing for the camera.

Victor Yo was patrolling on the Instagram streets and boom, he landed on her account. Checkout what he got for you!