All manner of loaded babes plus ‘kizigo’ masters turn up for David Lutalo’s ‘Kabisa Kandagala’ concert

Over the years, David Lutalo has come to be known for holding hugely successful concerts and as expected yesterday, ‘Kabisi Kandagala’ concert wasn’t any different.

The daring singer finally had the long awaited concert go down the wire yesterday evening as his fans expressively showered him with massive love by turning up in big numbers, filling Hotel Africana’s People’s Space to capacity.

Of the many people who attended the concert, the majority were loaded beautiful women who had come to splash some of the monies their men had blessed them with.

Lutalo being a darling to the females, especially the married ones and stay home mamas, our cameras on the night witnessed a huge tribe of women in attendance.

Besides having babes who are endowed with big boobs and booty, the show attracted a big number of those who love bleaching as witnessed in the pictures taken.