Nyege Nyege photos exclusive!

Between 15th and 18th September 2022, enjoyments closed elsewhere around the World and shifted to Itanda Falls in the eastern district of Jinja.

The use of fun to describe how the Nyege Nyege Festival went down would be an understatement. Booze and babes (in all tribes) spiced up the event so much so that even the real Jajjas of Lake Victoria never attempted to cause any form of flooding but instead joined in the wild party.

Like it is the norm, where there is the other gender and booze, the boys will surely fall in uninvited. Once the boys dropped at the Falls, they camped near the would be ‘meat’.

Nyege Nyege photos exclusive

The gap between the Vitamins D and V narrowed until there wasn’t any gaps at all, whether from behind or in front.

In these photos, you can clearly see that both genders close their eyes in sweetness and imaginations.

Written allover their faces, one can conclude that if any of these couples (doesn’t have to be all of them) got closer to anything resembling a room or any private space, rubber would meet tarmac!

Nyege Nyege photos exclusive!