Fans left murmuring as Eddy Kenzo speaks more fluent English than Obama at Fik Fameica’s album listening party

Singer Edrisa Musuuza, popularly known as Eddy Kenzo last night left revelers stunned after he delivered an emotional speech in English at the Fik Fameica’s album listener’s party.

The surprise was not that Kenzo delivered the speech in English but the fuss was created around the fact that he sounded more fluent than the former president of the United states of America Barack Obama.

For quite a long time now, the Big Talent boss has been known as a person who is not so good at expressing himself in the Queen’s language but it’s easy to tell that the exposure he has gotten over time, has helped sharpen his flow in English.

On grabbing the microphone at the Fik Fameica’s King Kong album listener’s party, held at Olive’s Restaurant & Bar on Thursday, revelers were quick to notice how good Kenzo has become with our colonial master’s language.

In the speech, Kenzo thanked Fik for working hard to make the rap genre more dynamic and enjoyable to the ears of Ugandans.

Fik will be releasing the 14 track album later today and when he does we shall be dissecting each and every track on the album.

Watch and listen to Kenzo’s speech below;