In this edition of the thrilling Nyamuga Queen series, we feature the sparkling Brinah Slim Bae.

Brinah, a staunch Arsenal fan, is a social media beauty that serves hot looks for a living.

Besides serving hot looks for Netizens to drool over, Brinah is one of the freshest and most succulent vixens in the country today. She has featured in several music videos such as John Blaq’s Mbimala, Chozen Blood’s Embeera Zo, to mention but a few.

Call her brown sugar! She often wows her followers with sensationally raunchy videos. No wonder city loaded chaps are always in her DMs with intentions of feasting on her beaded meat!

Her well endowed body, million dollar smile, fine waist and skin colour complexion can’t leave you the same.

According to Brinah, who identifies herself as a content creator, brand influencer and fashion model, she loves being on ‘top’ just like Arsenal. She loves local music and of course, she cannot go days without hitting the gym to keep her derrière in shape. She says swimming too, helps her to keep fit and young.

Take a gaze at what Muzzinyi Victor Yo has got for you. You can check her out via @brinah_slim_bae.