Nimrod claims responsibility for ballooning Karole Kasita

Singer Karole Kasita is not about to reveal the identity of the lucky man who sweettalked her to bed and successfully planted a live seed in her fertile womb.

In fact, Karole is obviously irked by caring social media in-laws who may wish to know the prolific grandson of Adam, whose remarkable Zzina skills blew the singer’s mind to an extent of wanting to secure the future with him.

Over the weekend, the sultry entertainer shared a pic on her Instagram, with the caption: “Somebari said weekend, I said lessiii gooo!”

One of her followers sought to know the identity of the man responsible for the germinating seed in her womb: “But who owns that person inside you? Just asking for my friend.”
Seemingly irritated, Karole replied with a “So you do what?”

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Starting September, her fans have been restless especially after noticing her tummy hard developed a very uncharacteristic bump. However, she has not withdrawn from the public like some public figures do only to surprise their fans with baby news, she has been performing.

Meanwhile, as she is still concealing the identity her partner in passion, Media personality and renowned Muzzinyi, Deejay Nimrod, is somewhat taking the credit getting the job done.

Taking to his social media pages, Deejay Nimrod posted a video clip- in which he dry-humps Karole Kasita – and captioned; “Those of u asking How @karolekasita got pregnant and who impregnated her…. ENJOY.”

Watch the clip below;

The video clip was shot in May at the record breaking Zzina Beach Carnival at Jazz Pier, Munyonyo, the same venue hosting the forthcoming Zzina Fest in December.