As he turns 35 years old today, singer Van Data has banned himself from bonking and boozing for 90 as he indulges in prayer and fasting for Uganda.

Last year, singer Van Data, real name Isaiah Ainebyona, showed his humanitarian side as he supported some of the victims of the twin bombings that happened in Kampala on 16th November 2021, a day to his birthday.

Born on November 17, 1987, the Personal Person singer has today Thursday turned 35 years old today and this time he wants to pray for Uganda.

Through social media, Van Data revealed that he plans to go on a prayer and fasting spree for ninety days for his country.

“November 17, is my new year and yes I am a Scorpio. This year I’ve decided to pray and fast for my country for the crazy that’s going on,” he wrote.

In those 90 days, Van Data vows not to undress any granddaughter of Adam and not to take alcohol but to sink himself in prayer.

He also plans on giving a helping hand to any child-headed family which could have lost their parents or guardians due to the Ebola virus disease.

“90 days of no s*x and alcohol into my new year. (I will) also, give a hand to any child-headed family caused by Ebola, please recommend them.”