Ykee Benda thrills fans as he swings & carries pencil thin singer, Pinky, like a piece of paper

For all the years he has been in the Ugandan music industry, singer Ykee Benda has branded himself as the ultimate romantic musician who has all the ingredients that ladies are looking for.

Whether it is advise relating to troublesome relationships or it is just nice flowing lyrics that speak to those in love, the boy so tender is the go-to-person when it comes to issues concerning the heart.

Known to many as the ladies man, Ykee Benda has continued to melt babes with his soothing voice to the extent that even fellow musicians have fallen victim of his unavoidable charm.

Latest on the list to bump into Ykee’s magical charms is non other than TNS new signee, Pinky Official.

While attending the nomination ceremony of the Hipipo awards early this week, Pinky bumped into Ykee Benda and she just couldn’t hide her excitement.

In the video trending on social media, the ecstatic pencil-thin musician can be seen hugging and holding onto the Mpaka records boss in the split moment that the pair met up.

Responding to her love and excitement, Ykee Benda couldn’t help but swing and carry her up like a piece of paper.

Fans on social media took to the comments section to opinionize on how the two have taken their PDA to the next level

Watch video;


Ykee Benda thrills fans as he swings & carries pencil thin singer Pinky like a piece of paper