Geosteady gives Mr Henry free advice as he openly claims star presenter might be depressed

Musician Geosteady lost his baby mama to Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie about two years ago.

The couple painted the city with love until they bitterly broke up after Prima Kardashi allegedly hooked up with socialite Meedi Moore.

Early this month in a rather shocking news, Prima and Geosteady reunited and they want everyone to know.

Geosteady has gone on to brag about winning over Prima’s heart again.

He also said Mr. Henrie is suffering from depression after losing her.

“He is suffering from depression because he lost Prima Kardashi,” he said during a press conference.

However, Mr. Henrie said he is not bothered by the reunion.

In fact, Mr Henry recently said that “People move and She (Prima) did”.