By Agnes Maggimbi

Human beings have the ability to solve their problems. However, they need a safe space to be empowered, be resilient, and change their perception of life in a positive way.

Mental health is an active state of mind which enables human beings to use their abilities to manoeuvre daily life challenges. It’s a pivot to human life; without a stable mental well-being, one loses meaning to life.

Despite its importance, it’s often less prioritized amongst health conditions in Africa.

In Uganda alone, where disease, ignorance and poverty are prevalent, a demand for a steadfast mental health care seems like a luxury.

The country spends more than 9.8% of its 48.35 billion dollars Gross Domestic Product on healthcare but only 1% of that goes to mental care.

Reports indicate that about 14 million people in Uganda suffer with mental health issues with 5% experiencing clinical depression and 3% anxiety disorders

Sustained stress exposure due to poverty and other challenging factors of life have hence turned people to resort to damaging behaviours like suicide, crime, reckless sexual acts, violence, domestic and substance abuse.

Reports indicate that 80% of youth are using alcohol to distract themselves. Without a doubt, covid-19 also imposed a significant mental health burden on people.

In order to create a unified voice and provide a solution to the long standing mental health issues in Uganda, Mental Pitch was founded.

At Mental Pitch, we give  an Online platform where talk therapy can be exercised, with professionals {Therapists, Clinical Workers, trained psychologists, religious counsellors, Marriage counsellors} highly compassionate and driven by a mission to make the world a better place by helping people live better and happier in life every day.

It is our mission to make therapy accessible so that anyone struggling with life challenges can get help anywhere and anytime via online platforms using video calls, live chats or calls at a free cost.

Mental Pitch will also offer physical meetups, listening and talk therapy in disadvantaged communities, schools, Universities sports centres and organisations.

The vision is to be the leading online platform in Uganda offering a safe space where people can freely talk about their life challenges without fear of Judgement. 

Agnes Maggimbi is the Founder, Mental Pitch Uganda.

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