The special festive season Nyamuga Queen is none other than Katrina Nilzero– a model, party animal and certified money-eater.

Katrina is unique and classy in and out! She’s nice, gorgeous, elegant and her fashion sense is 10/10 minus zero!

Name fine babes around town, she will definitely top that list!

She has a lot in stock to drool over but it is her youngish looks, nicely curved derrière, firm but soft and tender chest and shapely legs, for us. Very few Bazzinyi will dispute that.

If it is sexy, Katrina wants it! She dons tantalizing outfits-sometimes with no undies- and she effortlessly stuns. Those who attended the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards recently can attest to this. She showed up on the red-carpet with her southern hemisphere breathing freely.

Katrina Nilzero is always on the plane to Dubai. Whatever business she has there, only she can tell.

Her socials are filled with beautiful pics. She definitely loves traveling, swimming and chopping money.

Muzzinyi, Victor Yo got you covered, check her out via her IG account, @katrina_nilzero.