Precious Remmie has not posted Bindeeba on any of her different social media platforms since 5th November 2022.

Amidst the negativity that had already been cast on their relationship, Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba held a beautiful Kukyala ceremony on Saturday 16th October 2021.

This was a few days after Don Zella accused Raymond Bindeeba of being a womanizer and only after Remmie’s fame.

Their love was from Paris and it seemed like nobody was ever going to stop them except death.

Well, the latest news on our desk indicates that their marriage could be on rocks and on the verge of ending anytime soon.

We are yet to gather conclusive evidence but a source close to the couple says they have not seen eye to eye for almost a month now despite the fact that self-proclaimed “Mrs. Cocktail” continues to use the “Bindeeba” name while on her show at the Naguru based TV Station.

A quick check into Precious Remmie’s Instagram account where she literally painted Bindeeba, her last post about the man was on 5th November 2022 something that further stamps the claims.

Our source further revealed that in the USA where he dwells and works as a Cab driver, Bindeeba enjoys time with Precious Remmie’s assistant.

Our efforts to reach Bindeeba and Precious Remmie were futile by press time but we shall keep you posted.