In today’s edition of the Nyamuga Queen, we feature the smocking hot and classy Social Media belle, Queen Angie.

Angie defines beauty! She is self-contained and her ass-et is something to envy about.

Her dark chocolate skin colour tells one thing; Angie hates kizigo, after all she turns heads whenever she steps out. Talk about her cute smile and fine waist!

Bruh, no wonder she surely leaves the grandsons of Adam drooling and panting like dogs…the evident is there on her Insta page, with mind-blowing engagements- all thanks to her sultry personality, ‘come and get me’ eyes, plus unrivalled hourglass figure.

Take a gaze at what Muzzinyi, Victor Yo, got for you, for more of these check her out via quin_angie256.