A British national has collapsed to death in her guest room at Masindi hotel. The deceased has been identified as Katelia Khushid Banu, 37. The incident happened at around 12am on Monday. 

Police say on Monday morning, that the deceased checked into Masindi hotel together with her nine relatives around 8 pm on Sunday after traveling from Kampala as tourists from the United Kingdom. 

After being cleared by the hotel management, the deceased reportedly entered room number 11 where she would spend the night. However, at around 11:30 pm her relatives who were still outside heard her screaming for help from the bathroom. They responded quickly and found her on the floor. 

She told them that she had taken a shower and slid on the floor shortly after dressing up. Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson told URN that after the incident, Banu’s relatives supported her and she sat outside with them before asking them to take her back to her room, where she collapsed and died.