Former TNS Star Pinky Official responds to claims she brings big pot bellied men to her house to enjoy her wet Savanah grass land.

When former TNS singer Nanyanzi Rahmah popularly known as Pinky left the TNS group to go & concentrate on pushing her own music, a lot of people came out claiming how the fast rising star was chased out of TNS because she had developed a habit of sneaking old men into her house at night.

Sources within the camp intimated how Pinky was fired from the label after numerous attempts to try and change her fell on deaf ears.

Now 4 month after moving on from Jeff’s TNS, Pinky has come out to clear the allegations labeled upon her by her former management.

Speaking to NBS TV presenter Kayz, Pinky trashed the allegations saying all the talk was baseless and intended to spoil her name; “All that talk was not true. I have never used drugs nor brought any man inside the house TNS rented for me. I moved on and have no problem with them” Pinky cleared the air