Having flown safely under the radar in the Big Brother Titans house, Blue Aiva & Kanaga Jnr (Kaniva) are this week’s winners of the coveted Head of House (HoH) title.

On the other side of the win, Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle), Nana & Thabang (Thabana), Jaypee & Lukay (Jaykay), Marvin & Yaya (Maya) as well as last week’s HoH winners Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng) were the five pairs to be nominated for eviction this Sunday.

Following the initial nomination of Nelisa & Yemi Cregx (Yelisa), Kaniva used their veto power to save the pair – replacing them with Maya.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, last week’s HoH winners Blaqleng were exempted from taking part in this week’s challenge, a new rule Biggie will apply for the next few weeks … unless he decides otherwise.

Housemates were challenged in two food-themed rounds. The first challenge, an egg tossing game, proved to be a lot harder than expected. Playing within their pairs, and as Biggie called their names, housemates tossed an egg to one another, with each successful catch granting them a step back, increasing their distance from each other.

As the challenge quickly became more difficult, the pairs were knocked out one after the other. Moving to the next round, Kaniva faced off against Jaykay.

During the second round the pairs, using the bowl of sweets Biggie prepared for them, were tasked with moving as many sweets as they possibly could from point A to point B within 60 seconds. They were given one rule, though: you’re only allowed to use your mouth to move the sweets while each partner holds onto an end of the string of liquorice.

Ultimately, it was Kaniva who moved one week closer to walking away with the grand prize of US$100,000. For a second week, Yelisa were announced as this week’s Tails, but this time alongside Justin & Yvonne (Juvone).

Now that the housemates have had their say, who will we bid goodbye to this Sunday? To save your favourite pair, vote on dstv.com/bigbrothertitans by registering on the site, as well as the DStv and GOtv Self Service Apps.

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