TNS’s poster boy Grenade Official beautifully combines with new kid on the block Nandor as duo drop massive single ‘Mistake’

It’s seems like Team No Sleep is quickly becoming a breeding hub where young upcoming singers are quickly turning to for quick promotion and better mentorship.

Since the music label is under the stewardship of legendary Manager Jeff Kiwanuka popularly known as Jeff Kiwa, many young musician find it attractive to get attached and work with the industry’s best.

Shortly after Pinky got fired in December for indiscipline, TNS quickly recruited new talent Nandor Love to fill the gap.

Now a month after him settling into his new environment, a video of his featuring Grenade official has been launched on YouTube.

The two have already done a song called Mistake and the video was short at the beginning of the year.

Take a look at the magic the duo produced together;