Sheebah teams up with Ritah Dancehall days after her arrest for which she was detained for speaking ill against Queen Karma’s nemesis Spice Diana

Singer Sheebah Karungi has controversially teamed up with choreographer, Ritah Dancehall, days after being arrested for speaking ill against Spice Diana and her manager, Roger Lubega.

It should be remembered that the fast rising dancer got her self into trouble after taking to social media and alleging how Spice Diana and her Manager were planning to kill her.

The wild allegation came after Ritah had voiced out strong criticisms while dissecting the recently held Spice Diana concert.

While she had some genuine facts like the concert not being properly organized, her allegations on Spice wanting to kill her raised a few eyebrows hence getting arrested for defamation.

Ritah was later released after she made an apology to both Spice and her Manager.

However the gist of the story came after Sheebah, Spice’s long time nemesis hooked up with Ritah days after her arrest.

In so doing so, social media in-laws have interpreted Sheebah’s move as a way of saying “I shall always comfort all those you oppress “