Bonk champ Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesa recently painted internet streets with photos of him and his new flame, a few months after suffering a heartbreak by Vannesa Vanny.

The photos were those of Lwasa proposing to Haffie Ali, 28, who is a Kenyan national.

However, a few days later, it is not all rosy in Lwasa’s life after he has yet again been left cursing women following a fresh breakup with his new lover, Haffie.

In an interview, she opened up on why she had accepted the proposal, and their happiness was cut short after the lady’s family cautioned her not to tie the knot with the proprietor of Masaka-based Lwasa events and Tavern Kick in Kyabakuza.

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“There is no wedding, a lot of things have been stressing me, family, social media friends that’s why I have come out, to tell the truth about what is happening between Lwasa and me,” Haffie said.

She further noted that the proposal was a stunt.

“To be honest the proposal was stage managed by him, he called the media and I so I couldn’t turn him down in front of the cameras since he has a big name to protect more than I do so I did what I had to do at that time but I regretted after,” she added.

Haffie who is now contradicting herself says they are two different stories because she had to sell the proposal at the time.

“Lwasa and I have never dated, I have one been on one dinner with him as a friend,” she notes adding that they met two months ago through business since both of them deal in Gold.

When asked if she was after his money, she noted that she has never received any money from him. She further claims that she didn’t know that he has that much money.