To say that singer Rickman Kony Manrick is benefiting from his bonk-ship with girlfriend, Sheilah Gashumba, is indeed an understatement.

Currently, his only job is to support, motivate, advice and of course ‘eat food before eating’, with minimal stress. Rickman is remarkably doing his job in that his position is not threatened by Muko, Frank Gashumba, who never wants him next to bubbly daughter, Sheilah.

Since y’all remember how Frank Gashumba expressed his disappointment in Sheilah in a leaked blockbuster WhatsApp audio, for allowing the ‘broke’ Rickman to tickle her article ‘V’, we shall not fuss.

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The youngish couple continues to tight-mark each other with no remorse. This was yet again evident over the weekend as breadwinner, Sheilah Gashumba, launched her classy Gash Luxe.

Gash Luxe is a shopping Lounge, Mini Champagne Bar and Content Studio, according to Sheilah.

During the glamorous grand opening ceremony, graced by A-listers and members of the fourth estate, Sheilah and Rickman Kony, took time off and swapped saliva on camera, somewhat, sending a clear message to dad Frank Gashumba to back off their bonk-ship!

In the video taken by our ever sniffing Bazzinyi, Sheilah, donning a sparkling pink jacket, matching leggings and classy high heels, romantically rolls her eyes as she goes for Rickman’s lips. The pair kisses for about 10 seconds before she steps away, with Rickman left drooling over.

Watch the video below;