Lilian Mbabazi finally wakes up from slumber as star singer gets ready to drop blazing EP, 5 years since the death of baby Daddy Radio

Celebrated local singer Lilian Mbabazi has finally woken up from her slumber nearly 5 years after her beloved boyfriend and baby daddy Mowzey Radio mysteriously passed away after being beaten in a bar.

Obviously the death of Radio affected Lilian both emotionally and musically as the soft spoken voclaist was accustomed to Radio writing for her hit songs for free.

When Radio died it meant that Lilian would no longer be able to get herself able writers who understand her vocal range the same way Radio did.

However, just like say all good and bad days come and go, Lilian was able to get over the death of her man after a certain period.

Ready and raring to go, the former Blu*3 members are now set to drop an epic EP nearly 5 years after the death of her man.

Lilian who has been off the scene for some time took to her Instagram account and announced how she would be dropping ”The one”, a beautiful single off the EP

Watch the coming soon below;