19-year-old Patience Nashua walks into filming set with a lot of confidence. Her smile gives you the impression she wishes she could tell you something by herself, without the help of a sign language interpreter, but it can’t happen.

Born in 2004, her mum painfully narrates the shock she got when her daughter started having hearing difficulties at age 6. Her effort to get help was greeted with stories from some quarters who thought it was witchcraft. Soon both speech and hearing senses were gone and the single mum had to look for answers alone.

Luckily enough, the little girl was able to get help from good Samaritans and managed to get through her elementary education. Joining senior one was a blessing, but Covid-19 hit, and almost brought her dreams to a halt, but thank God for friends and sponsors.

After school, Patience decided to look for something to make her earn some money and help her mum. Her friend led her to a shop in Nakawa where she learnt how to brew coffee, which she is now doing to earn a living.

Joining Miss Uganda

Patience has always loved modeling, using her little resources to research on pageantry. This led her to the Miss Uganda page where she got the number and decided to contact the office asking to be part of the Miss Uganda 2023 competition. The girl with big dream hails from Butalejja District Eastern part of the country wowed the judges with her charm and confidence to make her way to the finals

Patience, with the help of her interpreter, has managed to floor over 200 girls during the Kampala Auditions and is now among the top 21 who are going the boot camp praying that she can walk away with the Miss Uganda crown and represent the country in Miss World. To vote for Patience, go to www.africavotes.com