Chris Brown brought a fan on stage and she stayed busy on her iPhone Pr Max, so he tossed it in the crowd to teach her lesson

American R&B sensation, Chris Brown is not your cup of tea and here is why!

Recently while performing on stage, Chris Brown left his fans baffled after grabbing an iPhone 14 Pro Max from a fan he had invited onto the stage and threw it away in the audience.

In the video that has since gone viral, it appears that Chris demands complete devotion and attention from the fan.

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The female fan stayed on her expensive gadget, which rings at UGX 6.5m, as she seemed to be more interested in capturing every moment on camera.

Irked by her actions, the 33-year-old superstar took it personal and boom, he grabbed and tossed it in the crowd, before his dancers made a circle around the fan.

Watch Chris Brown Throws Fan’s Phone:

This is not the first time Chris Brown is doing a similar act. In 2016 soon after touching down in Kenya ahead of his performance, the American singer grabbed a fan’s mobile phone and smashed it on the ground as she was taking pictures.

The incident occurred as the musician was about to board his ride at the Moi International Airport.

Speaking during an interview, the fan, who said she was “deeply disappointed by the artist’s action,” wondered why Brown, a renowned singer, grabbed her phone and threw it away, landing on the floor.

“I was with my friends and was trying to take a selfie when he grabbed the phone from the back. I was shocked.

According to the fan, she had just bought her iPhone six months back.

“I bought my iPhone 6 last month at UGX 3,000,000M and seeing it being tossed off like a cheap phone was hurting,” the fan lamented.