MC Kats finally makes it known he’s eating slay queen, Kasha Jovie’s sumbie like there is no tomorrow

About a week ago we ran a story detailing how celebrated city MC Edwin Katamba had paraded a stunning babe during his trip to Dubai.

From the pictures shared on Instagram , it was clearly evident that there was some kind of chemistry going on between Kats and the stunning girl.

Although by the time we ran the story, we didn’t get a hold of the babe’s name but our investigative sources have reached back to us saying the beautiful babe goes by the names of Kasho Jovie on Instagram.

After a period of speculation on the issue, Kats has finally come out of the closet with him making it known that he is eating the stunning babe.

The self styled king of the mic shared pictures of himself with Kasha dressed in matching clothes perhaps sending a signal that he is in love with the babe.