Rickman spills Sheilah Gashumba’s sex secrets

While it is known that Derrick Ddungu, also known as Rickman Manrick is not in good books with lover Sheilah Gashumba’s father, Frank (Gashumba), the pair continues to pain the old man.

It has actually emerged that his new song (Cindrella) in which he features Anknown was written while Sheilah sat before him. Not much is known where the lovers were seated, how Sheilah was dressed and what posses she struck that day. What is clear is that the audio of the song is out Sheilah reportedly features in the video.

The song, however, reveals interesting things about the pair.

For instance, Rickman in his verse reveals that “you were tired, but you can still love, so many lied to you,…”

Sheilah has previously had a fair share of love issues.

A man known as God’s Plan a year or so ago approached her, revealing he played football for Arsenal academy (of course he lied), promised Sheilah so many things, ate her ‘nunu’ and scattered like a stray dog.

But in this song, Rickman promises Sheilah heaven on earth. For instance, he tells Sheilah that “I am not a prince but i wish i came early” and that his love for the pencil-thin-brown-bikini-loving radio and TV star ” can fill Mapeera”

While they say love fades, only time will have a say on Rickman’s.

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