Wakiso missing bride reappears

Bushira Najjuuko, 24, suddenly disappeared on March 11, 2023 just hours to her wedding day has reappeared.

Najjuuko a local from Katereke Cell, Kyengera Town Council in Wakiso district went missing under unclear circumstances, causing panic to her family and fiancee betrothed to marry her. Her disappearance raised speculation from the public that perhaps a jilted ex-lover to her had plotted to foil the marriage between the couple.

However, in a twist of events, Najjuuko has revealed that she fled into hiding to escape being married off by force.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson said on Tuesday that Najjuuko reported herself to the police at Nsangi, clarifying that her disappearance was all planned out. In her statement to police Najjuko says she was forced by her family to ditch her boyfriend to marry another man she has no interest in.

Onyango says on Saturday, she planned her escape while on an errand.

Wakiso missing bride reappears

“She bought shoes and dresses with the money the family gave her for shopping and she sent a boda boda rider to take them home to show them that she doesn’t want the man,” said Onyango.

According to Onyango, Najjukko has been hiding at a friend’s home in Zana since the day she disappeared. He has cautioned parents against forcing children into marriage.

“We appeal to parents if you have a son or daughter at the age of marriage, do not force them into marrying a person of your choice. It is not your duty to choose a spouse for a child , let them make a choice for a partner,” he says

Wakiso missing bride reappears