Nince Henry drops new Afrobeat jam, Ready

If one remembers the song Cinderella that captured the airwaves about 10 years ago, then you must be familiar with Nince Henry.

Well, this guy who was once labelled a ladies’ sweetheart because of his flattering lyrics, must have been busy cooking music, after signing under Kama Ivien management.
We chanced on the talented songwriter’s latest jam, Ready. Nince Henry diverts from the usual love songs, and focuses on making music lovers dance.

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Ready is a typical dancehall jam, with heavy groovy beats fused with Afrobeat, produced, mixed and mastered by beatmaker, Bass Boi.

This is Ugandan pop, an easy going though groovy song that excites the lower music market of this town, but has enough influence to charm even the ‘uptown chaps’.

Listen to Ready below;