Bba Boyi, Bobi Wine still has a strong music muscle and that’s the fact! Many might downplay his musical strength, attributing it to politics but still, there is no crime in using what you have to get what you don’t have.

Well, a few days ago, Bebe Cool released his first music project this year titled Zzina. However, Zzina-a dancehall banger- has somewhat received a lukewarm reception from fans, just like the songs such as Don’t Stopp, Boss Lady and Gyenvudde, he released last year.

All the above named songs did not impress in terms of views on streaming platforms like YouTube. For example, Boss Lady has accrued less than 150k views within 7 months of its release.

Gyenvudde has so far garnered 351k views in a year. This is not the Big Size Bebe Cool everyone knows!

If you think I’m not being fair to the Gagamel chief, then let’s bring his latest project, Zzina, on the same weighing scale with nemesis, Bobi Wine’s Nalumansi.

Bobi dropped Nalumansi on Wednesday. He claims it’s a love song but listening to this piece keenly, one can tell that the NUP darling is indirectly stinging someone at the top.

In comparison to numbers, Nalumansi is currently dwarfing Zzina on YouTube, with over 100k views in less than 24hrs of its release. Zzina (video) which was released five days ago has only 19k views.