Irate locals fire LC1 for supporting criminal sons

Angry locals in Bukalango village in Nakalama sub-county in Iganga district have decided to fire their LC I Chairperson over his sons being involved in theft.

Juma Balidawa, the LC I Chairperson of Bukalango village in Nakalama sub-county in Iganga was on Tuesday impeached by over 200 locals who accused him of failing to control his badly behaved sons and interfering with police work.

During a protracted meeting, locals accused Balidawa’s son of waylaying them on the road and robbing personal valuables including cash. They further complained that even when the suspects are arrested and exhibits collected the LC influences their premature release.

“Members of the village vigilante group mounted a search in the home of Balidawa’s sons where they recovered five stolen phones, electrical appliances, and other unspecified exhibits, but the matter was never handed over to police,” said one of the victims.

Irate locals fire LC1 for supporting criminal sons

Joseph Namutukula, another resident says that despite holding several harmonization meetings between Balidawa and his sons, the Balidawas have been reluctant to reform their criminal ways. 

Hamza Bogere, the GISO of Nakalama sub-county, says following endless complaints of criminal cases against his sons, Balidawa has lost the moral credibility to preside over the affairs of the village, and relieving him of his duties is timely. 

Hamidu Kawanguzi, the Nakalama sub-county LC III chairperson says that the roles of the L.C.1 chairperson have been handed over to the Bukona parish LC II chairperson, Badiru Bafilawala, as they await for the electoral commission to organize fresh elections in the area. 

Balidawa has since handed over the village stamp and other instruments of power to Bafilawala and apologized to the residents. He explained that his efforts to discipline his sons and deter them from participating in criminal activities have not yielded any results. 

Balidawa says that three of his sons have brought him shame throughout the village and has promised to hand them over to the police authorities for appropriate action.

Irate locals fire LC1 for supporting criminal sons