A Pass stings and berates Kenzo in blockbuster interview

Eddy Kenzo is the most decorated artist in Uganda Today but his colleague, A Pass doesn’t rate him! Kenzo has a Grammy Nomination and BET Award to his name but that doesn’t in any way impress A Pass and yes, indeed, he has his reasons.

In his latest interview with a local TV station, A Pass somewhat berated all the achievements the Big Talent boss has garnered all the years, with claims that they aren’t significant to measure someone’s greatness.

According to him, Kenzo cannot rub shoulders with cream artists because, without the international accolades he has bagged home, his name would weigh the same KGs as a sack full of grasshopper wings.

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As if on a mission to go for a kill, A Pass further claimed that weak artists like Kenzo beg for Award organisers to nominate them by sending them the names and their preferred songs, so that they remain relevant and claim bragging rights.

“If there’s any artist who loves Awards, it’s Kenzo. He does everything within his means to get his name nominated. For example, he files in his name and his preferred songs himself in AFRIMA Awards to secure a nomination. Everyone can do that but me as A Pass, I don’t see any value in that. I do understand why people do that but I personally would like the Award organisers to make research about me not vice versa. He has now turned to begging for Awards to remain relevant…”

Kenzo is yet to sneeze but if he does, we shall surely keep you posted!