Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala has expressed his disappointment in the Parliament for passing the H0mo bill and he is out here sneezing!

On Tuesday March 24, 2023, the Lawmakers in the August House moved a step closer to ban ‘Bisagazi’ by passing the Anti-H0mo Bill with tough guidelines and penalties against the enjoyment and promotion of ‘Bisagazi’ in Uganda.

As the new Bill awaits Sevo’s approval, the public has been airing opinions on its impact and importance in the +256.

Solomon Kampala, who is a Senior four vacist, has scoffed and called out the government to channel the energy towards improving the ‘sickening’ infrastructure instead of fighting h0mos.

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According to Kampala, the government still needs to fix a lot of things before it thinks of cracking the whip!

While replying to a Rwandan writer, entrepreneur, speaker, and feminist Judicaelle Irakoze’s Instagram post, the 18-year-old dreadlocked celebrity kid noted that schools, roads, and hospitals in Uganda still need fixing.

“Nobody cares what the homosexuals are doing, fix the roads, fix the hospitals, fix the schools for God’s sake,” Kampala wrote on his Instagram stories.

Where does this leave the opposition?