Nyamuga Queen: Spice Diana fronts popular open bums

Photography and celebrity have become so intertwined that our understanding of famous figures is largely shaped by the images we see of them.

The notion of celebrity is a complex thing, and one that is intimately connected to the dissemination of a star’s image.

Nowadays, many celebrities have become the champions of their own image – perhaps a reaction to the intensified zeal of the paparazzi over the past few decades – thanks to platforms like Instagram, which allow them to take, edit and share their photographs with their fans directly.

Nyamuga Queen: Spice Diana fronts popular open bums

Singer, Spice Diana, is one of the artists who have mastered this kind of connection.

In just one of the many photos she has shared lately, Hajara Diana Namukwaya, poses back and front, giving out so much to admire from afar. The open bums and the boobs (in an apple shape) is a sign that the multi-talented singer is no friend with bras and knickers. Plus, her skin glows. This is to say the least about how she fits so well into her clothes and her choice of what to wear, and when, bringing everything about her out.

In this episode of Nyamuga Queen, we present to you, Spice Diana.

Nyamuga Queen: Spice Diana fronts popular open bums

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