S#xy & bubbly singer Lydia Jazmine set to drop new visuals following a year long musical break

Singer Lydia Nabawanuka popualrly known as Lydia Jazmine is set to drop colorful visuals for her steady fast new banger Gwokyangomuliro, a catchy single off her latest album.

After spending nearly a year off the musical scene, the curvaceous vocalist now feels is the time to drop something special for her loyal fans.

The self-styled sweet mama had earlier informed her fans why she had not released music for over 10 months with the former back up artist stressing how she had taken a deserved break.

Now almost a year since her break off, Jazmine has today taken to Instagram to announce the release of her new music video.

“Gwokyangomuliro DROPS THIS WEDNESDAY AT 10AM!Drop Some. If You Ready” Jazmine posted

Watch video;