Bruno K: Stuff turns against TV star, Kaiyz

The past weeks may have been good for the social media in-laws, in relation to singer Bruno K, his baby mama and their child, Seth.

But, things are beginning to turn around.

Unhappy: Bruno K

We can authoritatively say that television gossip monger, Kaiyz Kawalya, is in shit.

This is because on Friday afternoon, Kawalya tweeted confidential details of Bruno K and his son, Seth Kiggundu. He tweeted DNA results of the pair over social media. Ordinarily, he would have covered some parts of the results, sort for permission from Bruno K and/or both.

In shit: Kayz Kawalya

Being the one who knows his laws rightly, Bruno K has vowed to take on Kaiyz.

Already, he has instructed his lawyer, Ivan Bwowe, to act on the NBS TV presenter.

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