Winnie Nwagi flings her booty up as star singer dons attire that reveals her inner assets

Self-styled Swang Avenue singer Winnie Nakawangi a.k.a Winnie Nwagi decided to celebrate labour day by showing off a little bit of what her mama gave her.

Like most celebrated workers across the world did for the better part of Monday, Winnie decided to go for a stage performance that emphasized showing off her juicy thighs and booty.

Dressed in a tight-brown outfit that let her boobs out and about for all to see, Nwagi paraded her sexiness in all the pictures she took on larbour day.

The celebrity singer went on to post the soothing pics on Instagram and then accompanied it with an a catchy message.

”No dull moments at work @swangzavenue_official so we jumped on this one” Winnie posted