I Do by Chameleone leaves question marks

Jose Chameleone is a clever man; he knows how to navigate the hardest of circumstances. He finds a swift way of jumping out of the complexities of a music video, he chooses to describe his video of I Do as a visualiser.

Yet, it could still pass for a music video and should be reviewed as one. If one is to judge it as a visualiser, one would still fault Chameleone for falling short, on concept, on story. It is a rushed affair, pick up a vintage car, give it a flower décor, get Chameleone in a deadbeat suit, and a lady in a wedding gown.

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Place them in some stone gravel pit and then play around with scenes all rotating around this location. Was it a rush to have it ready for Chameleone’s birthday? Is a visualiser a smooth way of getting away with the conceptualisation? More could be done!

Watch I Do visuals and be the judge;