Zari Hassan has punched holes on claims that her hubby, Shakib Lutaaya was her ex, the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s gateman in South Africa.

This was after her critics landed on photos of a young Shakib with Ivan while in South Africa. Zari said Shakib never worked for Ivan in any capacity. And for the photos that they took together, they were at social gatherings.

Zari, 43, last week praised Shakib, 34 as the first man to ever legally marry her, following their lowkey nikkah ceremony last month.

The socialite stunned guests at her introduction ceremony in 2011 in Munyonyo when she rejected 100 heads of cattle that her fiancé, Ivan Ssemwanga took to her family saying she was worth 300; 100 per child to which he said yes.

But the glitzy high-profile ceremony never materialized into a wedding because soon after, they separated following accusations of domestic violence on his part. In 2017, he passed on in South Africa.

More About Zari, Shakib legalize bonking sessions

Zari tied the knot with 30-year-old Shakib Lutaaya on Sunday April 16, 2023. The pair had been bonking on credit for the past four years. The Nikah ceremony was in Pretoria, South Africa.

Both Zari and Shakib shared photos and videos on Snapchat, and some of her relatives, her elder brother and sister, were present.

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend. Congrats the Lutaayas,” Shakib captioned one of the pictures.

The lovebirds made their relationship public in May 2022, and the mother of five flew to Uganda to meet Shakib’s family in the tail end of last year.

When the relationship became public Zari was quoted telling off critics who criticise older women for dating or marrying younger men.

She wondered why people never talk about older men marry young women, which according to her is all about double standards.

In December 2022, Shakib was exposed of cheating on his wife Nalule Shamirah Sembatya.

Shamirah shared photos of their wedding certificate to prove that they were legally married in 2016. The lady also shared a US visa she processed for Shakib, in 2017, inviting him to visit her.

Zari denied that she was a husband snatcher and branded Shamirah a clout chaser.’

Responding to claims he was still legally married to Shamirah, the 30-year-old Ugandan shared photos in a jacuzzi, telling fans to ignore what they see on social media.