Zari Hassan finally shares beautiful pictures of her private Nikkah ceremony

Socialite Zari Hassan has finally bowed to public pressure and shared pictures from her private Nikkah ceremony with hubby Shakib.

The couple held a private Islamic wedding ceremony known as a Nikkah in front of their close friends and family months ago.

The Nikkah ceremony came as a big surprise to her followers and not much detailed information regarding the marriage was let out by the socialite.

Rumours further suggested that the SA-based businesswoman is baking a ban in her oven hence the quick Nikkah preparations.

Early on Friday morning, Zari decided to let her followers in on her private life as she shared the photos from the Nikkah.

Via social media, she shared numerous photos showing her in a lovey-dovey moment with her husband and other photos of the family members that were present.

She captioned the photos with the date of the Nikkah and wished fellow Muslims a happy Friday. “16.04.2023, Juma Mubarak,” she wrote.