Eddy Kenzo believes he is not only best-suited but also a messiah to lead fellow Ugandan musicians under the new federation.

The Grammy Award nominee and BET Award winner has been getting some sticks from a section of colleagues, who believe he has np academic credentials to guide the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

However, in an interview with the award winning Galaxy FM Evening Rush crew, Kenzo explained that being educated simply means being knowledgeable and that when it comes to music and art, no one can really doubt his abilities. He added that he is leading musicians and not doctors.

Furthermore, the 38-year-old entertainer revealed that he has also hustled his way to the top. Therefore, he doesn’t know where someone gets the moral authority to question his leadership abilities.

“Being educated is having knowledge, I am knowledgeable when it comes to art and music. And I’m leading musicians, not doctors. When I speak about music, you can’t doubt me. I grew up from the ghetto, my mum and dad were hustlers. I have hustled all the way to being the Kenzo that I am today. Where do you get the moral authority to tell me that I’m not qualified,” Kenzo noted.

Apparently, the federation was formed to cut out those who were eating musicians’ money on grounds that they are disorganized.

Besides, the Big Talent boss also apologized to singers who were not invited. He faulted the method they used to form the Federation.

However, he also said that some musicians didn’t come through.