“I refused to give him some beans” -Kapa Cat reveals reason why Gravity ‘beefs’ her

For a couple of weeks, local rapper Gravity Omutujju has been throwing shade at singer Kapa Cat after she predicted doom for Martha Mukisa’s “Sissaga” concert in April.

From that moment, Gravity Omutujju decided to go neck-to-neck with the “Kapa Ojjimanyi” singer and vowed to expose her secrets in the media.

Kapa Cat went on to diss other fellow artists including Spice Diana who she claimed bleaches. About Mudra D’Viral, Kapa said involves himself in issues that don’t concern him.

Gravity Omutujju has since warned Kapa Cat against chasing clout by belittling others. He threw sly jabs at her musical talent.

Gravity Omutujju further stressed that Kapa Cat is an aged woman trying to figure out a future in the music industry but that her time elapsed long ago and as such has nothing new to offer to the entertainment business.

The “Okwepicha” singer also said that Kapa Cat’s thighs are as dry as a roasted chicken, something which didn’t sit down well with the former TAF music singer.

Speaking in an interview on a local TV station, Kapa Cat retaliated as she opened up about the genesis of her beef with Gravity.

She claimed that there beef started when she declined to have sexual intercourse with him after several months of pleading.

Kapa Cat stressed that Gravity started by requesting her to do a collaboration and that she took her time, a period of three months before accepting his request.

Upon accepting the request, Kapa says everything went well but after that, he started begging to sleep with her, which she declined.