“Even if he beats me up like a kid, I can’t afford to break up with my ‘nunu’ pounder Shakib” Zari vows to love her hubby till the end of universe

Socialite Zari Hassan, unlike other Ugandan women who would rather choose domestic violence over infidelity as a breaking point in a relationship, the mother of 5 can’t tolerate a cheating partner.

However, the controversial businesswoman divorced her longtime husband Ivan Ssemwanga in 2013 before he died over accusations of physical abuse.

Appearing on NTV on Monday morning, Zari, 45, explained why she is a ‘relationship nomad.’

Zari, since she separated with Ivan has been moving from man to man including the Tanzanian superstar Nasibu Abdul Juma Issaack alias Diamond Platinumz. The duo has two children.

Lately Zari is married to a 30 year old Shakib Lutaya, and during the interview she revealed her plans of giving birth for Shakib.

Zari has 5 children, 3 belong to Late Ssemwanga. She has been bashed on social media for dating a man fit to be her son but Zari said she doesn’t mind about the rumours since her only focus is making money and taking care of her family.

During the interview, Zari said there is a good understanding between her children and “Mr Lutaya” to point that one of her sons implored Lutaya “Yo bro please take good care of mum because she is all we’ve.”

On why she dumps men always, Zari said she has no patience with a cheating partner.

“I can’t give it a second thought once I have evidence. When I am in a relationship, I give it all and I am committed. I even gave Lutaya my password,” she said.

Asked if she would stand a violent man, Zari reiterated that only cheating can push her out of a relationship.