Jowy Landa is out here disclosing the info she and Pallaso had kept under the wrap. The 2023 Zzina Awards nominee claims that while still under Pallaso’s wings, she was s3xually starved for about 12 months, something that left her broken.

While speaking to media personalities Jenkins Mukasa and Bat Badru, Jowy Landa, who was signed under Team Good Music revealed that Pallaso rented her a flashy apartment in Munyonyo and a maid to take care of her duties.

However, it wasn’t all rosy as Pallaso imposed stringent rules on her that made the management very uncomfortable to continue with. “…Everything else was fine but the stringent rules such as denying me s3x for a full year, was just too much for me,” Landa revealed.

Landa teaming up with Jeff Kiwa?

Rumour making rounds since last Friday is that singer Jowy Landa might be a new signing in Team No Sleep owned by Jeff Kiwa and signing out of Deejay Roger’s 7star Management. The singer who signed to be managed by renowned DJ Roja, another half of SlickStuart and Roja could be heading out if what we see as rumours are confirmed.

A source who is close to both camps but preferred anonymity said that Jeff Kiwa could have approached Jowy Landa and told her to try out something, a short video that she released last week. The video that was circulating on social media platforms was Jowy Landa putting in her voice but singing Sheebah and Cindy’s songs back to back.

Our source confirms that it could have been sort of testing the singer to see if she was in both Cindy and Sheebah’s shoes, would she pull it off perfectly like they do? Speaking to DJ Roja on the phone, he declined to give us a comment and said we shall get to know the truth if it happens to be true.

DJ Roja has worked with Jowy Landa for a while now and together, they have projects like Wire Wire, Badder featuring Greenade and Rolex among other songs.