Another Video Of A Juicy Babe Being Surfed From The Same Toilet Nampera Was Injected Leaks Online

It is easy to tell that Ugandans on Twitter had a field day on Monday after a video of a one Nampera having romps inside a toilet with the boyfriend found it’s way on social media.

From the video that made rounds online, the gorgeous influencer who is also believed to be one of the babes with the biggest behinds in Kampala was seen receiving back shots in a tiny toilet with a yet to be identified guy.

As the video was still generating all kinds of reaction from the public, a strikingly similar video of another babe being surfed from the same toilet emerged on social media.

After watching the first video, it was quite easy to tell that the second video was also recorded in the same exact place and thus raising the question of whether people’s privacy are no longer respected at one of the popular hang-outs in Kisementi, where the two videos were reportedly recorded

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