Nampeera Boards Gaaga Buses As She Quickly Rushes To Visit Her Ssenga For Pulling & Lubrication Rituals Hrs After Tweeps Roast Her For Being Dry.

There is no doubt that social media Influencer Nampeera Christin was the talk of town after explicit videos of hers being bonked from a public toilet leaked online.

From the videos making rounds since yesterday-night, a visibly chubby & s@xy Nampera can be seen bouncing on her boyfriend’s laps as she enjoys the stiff and angry wire from beneath her man’s thighs.

Just like most leaked videos on social media, Nampeera’s clip caught the attention of young tweeps on X however the most intriguing part was when her boyfriend used his saliva to lubricate her nunu as he struggled to enter her using the doggy style.

The surprising act performed by the boyfriend led to many tweeps saying perhaps the influencer isn’t as watery as her body suggests.

And now after being faced with many negative comments about her scarce water reserves, sources have revealed that Nampeera has already boarded the next bus to the village.

The influencer is reportedly seeking guidance from her Ssenga on how to increase her oil reserves and enhance her moaning skills.

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